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Updated: April. 2008
Life's Journey ~ A Path through time.

In our life we have a time to grow physically, a time to learn, a time to earn a living, time to enjoy the things that give us pleasure, and a time to excel in the physical world; but we also have a 'Time of the Spirit'. This time of the spirit can happen at any stage of our life if we are only open to pursue this path. The more energy and focus that is given to this development of spiritual matters the more rewarding our life's journey will be.

It is the physical part of life, the material things, that create desires and if given the opportunity will govern our wishes, hopes and dreams as well as our every waking moment - and our life will just drift on by. It is only by banishing the physical desires, be they mental or bodily ones, that the spirit can grow and make your life take on its true meaning, this creating immense joy and wonder in your world.

Most people pass their entire existence in complete ignorance of the true purpose of their lives, drifting like a piece of wood on the oceans of time; unaware and uncaring where they are destined to go or what they will become.

For some they grasp this life's purpose only when it is too late, when they are near to death, when the regrets they have for not seeing this basic truth are no substitute for having missed the experience of it all. There is glory and wonder in every moment, every beat of the heart and every breath. The nearer you are to physical desires, be they material, mental or bodily pleasures, then the further you will be from the true wonder of it all.

Material things are only temporary distractions, most of the material things you really desired in the past will have lost their value and significance with time and most will no longer exist in your life. The mental distractions whatever they may have been, be they wishes, hopes, dreams or desires will also diminish in their meaning and significance as time passes by, being replaced from time to time by new wishes, hopes, dreams and desires which will take precedence over the previous ones that in essence will disappear and be forgotten, having no further worth or effect in your life.

The requirements and desires of the body are only temporary, they also are ever changing and never constant, one desire or goal taking over from the next one forever changing desires for material things or material experiences.

It is true that life is a play ground for the spirit to experience mortality and relieve the boredom of eternity. But in essence it is only the spirit that will ultimately survive, and it is only the evolution of the spirit that will have value in eternity. For the spirit to evolve in the physical and view spiritual things from a mortal perspective is the main purpose and true joy of life.

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