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Updated: April. 2008
Life's dance with time.

  • Life is like a holiday resort for spirits, who come here to earth to carry out some purpose or goal, or to enjoy something physical either by themselves or with other spirits. In the spirit world were only thought exist, there are no physical sensations or feelings, the sense of touch, closeness or feeling just don't exist. All physical vibrations such as speech, sound, hearing, touch, feelings only exist in the physical world.

  • Some spirits become lost in habitual desires for the physical, in whatever form. These are the most vulnerable and less developed spirits, who don't have a strong sense of their life's purpose, nor do they listen to their inner guiding voices to any significant extent, if at all. It does not mean that some of those with immense wealth, or others with a strong love of life's pleasures are not advanced spiritually, in some cases they are, in other case not. It all depends upon how strongly they are connected to their physical wealth or pleasures. If they just use these to make life more enjoyable and valuable spiritually or if they are deeply rooted in the physical, with only slight spiritual connections.

  • Materialists are without doubt the least spiritual and consider only the moment rather than eternity. For them 'just now' is the only consideration, this is a trap you must avoid at all costs.

  • To pursue what we truly desire and feel most comfortable with will lead us to the correct pathway for our life. From here the challenge is to stay on the pathway and avoid any unnecessary diversions or wrong routes. This can be done by keeping yourself finely tuned to the spirit's desires through the mental messages you receive.
  • Sometimes these messages may be taken literally or other times may need some form of interpretation in order to understand their message or purpose. No matter, it is of the most importance to be open to these messages and to listen to them carefully by working to understand their true meaning.

  • The more you listen, the more you remain open to these messages the more frequent and clear they will become. These messages come both when you are awake but also while you are asleep, in the form of dreams. In the dream state the messages are more iconic and visual, you will need some effort not only to remember them but also to correctly interpret their meaning. However if you go to the necessary lengths to understand and interpret your dreams the rewards in the form of finding true peace and contentment, brought into being by being on the right path, will have been well worth the effort.

  • This life is indeed our time to be, to grow and excel in all we do in an environment that is supportive and gives us satisfaction and pleasure. Our life should not be a burden or a cross we bare, for if it is then it is sure you are on the wrong path and should focus all your mental energy into getting onto your life's true path so that you can live the life you intended to. No matter how far you have strayed your true path is alway near and with some effort you can get back onto the right course and start to live the wondrous and joyous life that was intended for you.
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