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Updated: April. 2008
The Spirits that Guide and Support You.

  • You need someone to lean on in times of trouble or when faced with what seem like insurmountable problems. If you are open to your guides and protecting spirits they will give you all the physical and mental support you will ever need to overcome what is facing you. You will never have to face anything that you are not capable of exceeding in managing, getting over or successfully surviving. Each challenge will have a purpose and subsequent benefit that will lead to your growth in some form, be it mental perseverance, knowledge, strength of spirit, etc.

  • The people in our lives also guide and support us. It is true that we knew all the people in our life previously in the spirit world. It is also true that each person serves a purpose; some antagonise or pressure us, to make us strong, some support us, some love us, others hate us; with some we have a close relationships to others we are as distant as the stars and in some cases uncaring towards each other. But each in their own way has a purpose in our lives and once that purpose is fully complete they will fade away out of our zone of influence and in some cases out of our memories and consciousness completely.

  • If we are on our true life path that our spirit decided to take, the interaction with the people we know will take on a higher significance and importance, we will gain more intrinsic value from these experiences and interaction with them, as the true value of these experiences will be revealed or known to us.

  • Some people will just bring joy to our life, as they are eternal friends and will want to fully support us and make us happy during this life. Some will make us stronger by giving us unpleasant experiences, in a mental or physical form as aggressors or enemies of one type or another. Some of these spirits could be our true friends within the spirit world but took on this roll to help us. Others may not be fully known to us in the spirit realm and just serve some specific purpose in our life that will make us stronger or more durable in some way. This strength will help us pass the void when we die enabling us to rejoin the spirit world, and in other cases help us bare the state of eternal existence better.

  • However, it is not important or required or wise for us to accept all aggressive or negative behaviour as a necessary burden, or be subservient to some person or situation. There is no spirit greater or lesser than us, so we have no need to bend to the will of others.

  • Some spirits take on superior or aggressive rolls in order to grow, in the spirit world they may have been too timid or weak in thought and action, so this is their way to grow. Yet this doesn't mean we need to be subservient to them if it doesn't suit our life's purpose or our will or intention for advancement. We may bear with them when they are a true spirit friends and we have the goal or promise to help them in their life's quest.
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