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Updated: April. 2008
Life's Journey ~ An appointment with infinity

It is the forces that effect your spiritual advancement that most religions term as evil, but they are merely to be viewed as malicious and disruptive. If the traps of the physical world befall you it is because you do not listen to your inner self, those guiding voices in your mind heard both in the waking and sleeping state will guide you to the correct path if you just pay attention to them and follow their direction.

These voices will try to lead you towards what most call enlightenment, but in actual fact they wish to lead you towards the true intent and purpose of your life. No one can tell you what this is, what the intent and purpose of your life should be lies only within yourself. It is only within the governance of the spirit that this will be revealed to you, then it is up to you to follow this chosen path without fault. It is sure that it is not gaining material things, or various physical experiences that is your spirit's purpose; yet while it is sure to experience being mortal is one purpose, it is what you will achieve in total that is your true goal. While these various earthly experiences could teach you certain things, they may have no value if you are not on your correct path.

This true path of advancement that is your spirits real desire and purpose is the only one were the things that happen to you have true benefit and purpose within eternity, so it is only by finding and following this path that you can put your life to good and full use as you had intended.

All knowledge and all things are already know within the scope of the spirit world; it is merely necessary for the spirit to experience certain things in order to truly understand them and this is the true and only purpose of your life. Absorbing experiences and knowledge that are in harmony with your life's path will fulfil the desire of your spirit, thus making your life's journey fruitful and worthwhile, void of any regrets.

It is easy to take the path of least resistance and not search within yourself for your spirits true desire and intent for your life. This is the course that many take, just seeking monetary material gratification and pleasures without the slightest care for their eternal well being. It is by searching deep within yourself that you will find your life's true course, following your instincts rather than those of others who many be manipulative, having only their own interests at heart rather than you internal well being.

Life is like a stair case, gradually ascending spiralling into the unknown; it is your choice whether your life should be within your control or not. By being assertive and following your own deep desires as well as your intuition, sometimes taking a course that may not make sense to you initially, you will have a true experience that is filled with wonderment as well as joy of the experience. So grasp the hand that your spirit offers to you and dance upon the sands of time a marvellous story of your life that will be with you always as a memory of the time when you were mortal and walked upon the earth for what in eternity was just the blinking of an eye.

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