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Updated: April. 2008
It is belief that makes your dreams come true.

  • How to know you are on the right path or have deciphered the message in your conscious mind correctly. Basically it will be self evident if you are on the right course or not; that is if you have the self confidence to clearly interpret and have sureness to follow the messages that dance in your mind. Your self subconscious or inner spirit will never mislead you by sending the wrong or false messages or signals. If you are on the wrong path it will be made known to you clearly in many ways daily.

  • These messages will intensify as time goes by especially the more they are disregarded and ignored. If you continue to ignore the signs for change finally something dramatic will happen that forces you to change the course and direction of your life, it's a case of do it voluntary or something will happen to make you change, at which time you will have little choice in the final outcome. You may be able to change some of the finer details but the total effect will be to bring you back to your required life's path.

  • It is good and wise to contemplate the things that have happened as well as our hopes for the future. In contemplation we can find the answers to a myriad of questions.

  • Keeping an open mind has many meanings, one is to be receptive to the ideas and thoughts that come into your mind as a passing thought. This can be a response to some solution you are searching for , or to help you with some issues in your life.

  • After all is said an done, the key point is to focus on making your life the most richest, enjoyable and beautiful experience ever. Don't get bogged down by petty worries, problems and cares of the day, for they will distract you from the true course and purpose of your life. For if you don't take care and pay close attention to this point your life will be over and done before you are even aware of your life's true potential.

  • The key to making your dreams come true lies solely in your belief that what you desire will be yours, forthcoming in a plentiful and constant flow. Your dreams truly will come true, all it takes is to have the basic belief in the fact that what you desire will become yours, then it will be. The desire, the hope, the wishing with confidence of fulfilment, these are the component factors that will make your dreams a reality. The power is not in money or good looks or the ability to logically manage what you want, the power is solely in the ability to make your dreams come true.

  • Keeping your life simple is one of the keys to happiness and contentment, but most people believe material things brings happiness, this is the biggest misconception of all time. It is your dreams coming true that will bring the most contentment, so the careful selection of your desires and wishes is important as these are the seed of your dreams.
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